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Quivogne UK Cultivation Equipment - Saturn




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The Saturn

The Saturn working      The Saturn working

The Saturn's rear levelling fingers and discs     The Saturn's wavy discs




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The SaturnPlus+ working     The SaturnPlus+ working

The SaturnPlus+ working     The SaturnPlus+ out of the ground




The Saturn is designed with the concept of being suitable for the smaller horsepower user.


The Saturn is effective at reducing establishment costs whilst improving the soil structure.


Top soil is turned at shallow depth by 12 curved tines and is aerated - not buried. All the soil is worked and moved.


The design and build of the tines enables straight line pulling.


The double row of overlapping wavy discs are designed to cut, mix and level rather than perform a traditional role of penetrative cultivation.


The design of how the discs works also creates a method of depth control for the machine whilst in work.


Work is finished off by levelling fingers.






Available in 3.00m rigid frame and 4.00m, 5.00m & 6.00m working widths with hydraulic folding to 2.50m for safe road transport.







For achieving subsoiling work to 14inches deep, mount the SCD subsoiler to the front of the Saturn to create the SaturnPlus+!