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Cochet Header Trailers


Cochet are an established French manufacturer who have been designing and building agricultural equipment since 1949 and are the market leader for the manufacture and sales of combine header trailers in France.

The 4WD 4 wheel steering header trolley from Cochet is the next generation of trailer designed and built to meet todays demand for a trolley that is capable of transporting up to 13.5m headers safely and securely on the roads.

With todays combines having ever increasing header widths to maximise their output in the field, the task of transporting the header safely and easily has become significantly more difficult. This is especially true for the UK's narrow and winding roads and tight gateways into fields.

Being one of Europe‚Äôs largest header trolley manufacturers, Cochet have met this challenge and developed their 4WD trailer.

The 4WD uses a pair of commercial turntables - one at the front, one at the rear - joined together by a pair of steering rods therefore allowing the front and rear wheels to steer in unison. Using this system, the header trolley follows the road without cutting corners whilst maintaining maximum stability by having the wheels mounted wide on all four corners.
The 4WD range employs a strong ladder frame chassis construction and also uses commercial 235 75 R17.5 tyres for reliable road work rather than using regular implement tyres which are designed for field work not road work. LED lighting is standard as is hydraulic brakes and toolbox.

Cochet also use their in house designed "V" locating and locking brackets to aid the quick and safe mounting of the header onto the trailer.


Cochet 4WD manoeuvrability behind combine

Cochet 4WD manoeuvrability behind combine

4 wheel steering header trolley

Cochet locking system

4 wheel steering header trolley   4 wheel steering header trolley

4 wheel steering header trolley   4 wheel steering header trolley