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Quivogne UK Cultivation Equipment - APX


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APX-TL                                         APX-RS

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APX-TL with trailed press     APX-TL from above

APX-RS in transport position with trailed press     APX-RS with trailed press working


The Quivogne APX-TL disc harrow is now one of the most popular disc harrows in the UK. What sets it aside from the rest is the consistency and quality of performance coupled with a robust strength which belies its lightweight appearance. The APX range is the right alternative to the more traditional heavy weight models, it can be said that the strength of QUIVOGNE is the design and not just the weight of the machine.

 The 'X' or Tandem formation with staggered gangs, enables the tractor to pull straight using less horse power, while achieving maximum penetration in the ground without leaving any ridges. This unique combination of 'X' formation and lightweight design gives the APX range a valuable advantage over other disc harrows. It is suitable to follow the combine and the plough, ideal for both primary and secondary work. By using the Depth Control System the discs will effortlessly penetrate hard ground and keep out for secondary work if required. The manual folding gang operation on the APX range is so simple to use that even tools are not required. The Quivogne patented locking and swivelling system effortlessly rolls the gangs into a narrow, rigid transport position (2.9m or 2.5m widths depending on the model). Each gang will swing and lock into different angle positions enabling the operator to adjust to suit all conditions. Fast, easy and efficient.

The APX-TL and APXE-TL manual folding range weighs 100 kilos per disc on average whilst the hydraulic vertically folding APX-RS weighs approximatley 110kilos per disc. The APX models range from 2.80m  to 8.00m working widths.