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Quivogne UK Cultivation Equipment - SCD


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The SCD subsoiler range has been developed to minimise surface disturbance whilst shattering the soils pan - therefore improving drainage and improving the soils structure.

The range starts with the standard 3.00m 5 leg machine with has the option to have a 6th leg.

The 4.00m model can be either a rigid frame or manual folding (4.00m working width, 3.00m Transport width) and can have 7 or 8 legs.


3.00m SCD as standard     4.00m manual folding SCD with 8legs and depth control wheels

From left to right, the 3.00m standard machine, 4.00m 8 leg fitted with option of steel depth control wheels and heavy duty rear drawbar. 


The SCD uses a staggered tine formation  which is fully adjustable to 400mm working depth, and is also fully width adjustable enabling user defined tine spacing as required - as such the option is availabe to add extra tines if required. Tines are fitted with shearbolt protection. 

Horsepower requirement is from 100hp for 5 legs.


 manual folding extension in work position     manual folding extension     manual folding extension in transport position   

From left to right, the 4.00m manual folding extension in the work position, transition stage, transport position.


SCD working on its own     SCD working on its own     SCD working on its own

The vertical parts for the SCD’s ‘feet’ are 15mm wide allowing for minimal draught whilst slitting through the ground. The ‘wings’ are 300mm wide and are slightly angled which have been designed to lift and crack the fields pan without bringing anything to the surface. Tungsten carbide 'feet' are also available with tungsten carbide on the full width of the wing, up the shin and on the tip.


An important feature of this machine is the standard 3point rear linkage. This facility enables the option of mounting other implements to the rear to create one pass machines. We also offer many differnt types of packer solutions to fit to the rear if required.

SCD with rear packer     SCD with Kongskilde Delta     SCD with Väderstad Carrier

From left to right, rear mounted packer, Kongskilde Delta, Väderstad Carrier.

SCD with Quivogne Saturn     SCD with Quivogne Diskator     SCD with 8 furrow semi mounted plough     SCD with 8 furrow semi mounted plough

From left to right,SCD with Quivogne Saturn, SCD with Quivogne Diskator, SCD with 8 furrow semi mounted plough.

Heavy duty rear drawbar for towing implements     Heavy duty rear drawbar for towing implements     Steel depth control wheels with scrapers

From left to right, heavy duty rear drawbar, heavy duty rear drawbar, steel depth control wheel.