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Quivogne UK Cultivation Equipment - Jupiter


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6.00m Jupiter working          6.00m Jupiter working

6.00m Jupiter working          6.00m Jupiter working

6.00m Jupiter working

6.00m Jupiter in transport position          6.00m Jupiter in transport position









The Jupiter has been designed to meet the needs of those that prefer tined implements to Quivogne's traditional range of disc harrows.


The Jupiter consists of rows of evenly spaced sprung loaded cultivation tines followed by levelling spring fingers in a heavy-duty construction format. 


The Jupiter is a heavy duty, robust machine and is designed to be pulled by 180hp to 400hp.


The Jupiter range is available in 6.30m and 8.10m working widths, weighing from 4.5 to 5.8 tonnes with 2x pairs of transport tyres 10x15.


The Jupiter folds hydraulically vertically whereby they are 3m for transport and less than 4.5m high making them very stable in transport. They also have front stabiliser depth wheels for ensuring stability when in work.