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Perard Interbenne TTR46


The bestselling Interbenne chaserbin has evolved over 15 years and to celebrate its success Perard have developed their latest flagship model – the TTR46.

The TTR46 is currently the largest capacity chaserbin at 46m3 and thanks to its 700mmØ unloading auger – also the fastest. In the 2015 harvest it recorded an unload time of 58 seconds to unload 29t of rape.

The 2015/2016 model TTR46 differs from the smaller models by the use of a completely newly designed chassis allowing the use of wider and taller wheels in conjunction with front and rear active steering axles, but crucially is able to keep its maximum transport width to under 3.00m. This system used with low tyre pressure keeps the machines footprint in the field to a minimum.

Another new feature is the use of hydraulically adjustable internal regulation covers. This means that the auger mechanism is less complicated and able to be controlled on the move.  On the smaller models they are manually adjustable and have to be pre-set.  

The way the system works is by closing the hydraulic covers up fully before loading therefore ensuring that the augers are empty. Engage the PTO and all of the augers (the horizontal floor augers and unloading arm auger) are therefore spinning empty. Slowly open the hydraulic covers and produce starts to descend into the running augers. Depending on the product, moisture content etc depends how quickly and how much the covers can be opened up.

Equally, when you come to shut down the system, you simply close the covers. This therefore cuts off the augers product supply meaning the augers continue to run empty. At this point the PTO is then disengaged. This system makes part loading lorries, or fertilizer spreaders, or drills, accurate and easy – without any product loss.

The unique selling point of the entire Interbenne range is its exceptional versatility thanks to its unloading auger – not just because of its speed. The auger is located on the side of the machine and is neatly stowed away within the tank for transport, but folds out to a height of 4.90m whilst also giving an impressive 4.50m reach from the side of the tank. Critically, the auger is able to unload in any position within this arc – so it can discharge at the rear into grain pits for example, it can discharge to the side in low sided buildings, and can discharge over hedgerows and ditches keeping the receiving vehicles off the field therefore eliminating any unnecessary compaction.

It is this working arc that boosts its versatility further by lending itself perfectly for accurately loading drills and fertilizer spreaders.

Many customers report that they maximise their Interbenne’s potential fully by using it throughout harvest, all through the drilling season, into fertilizer and only put the machine away for a matter of a couple of months of the year.


TTR46 on tracks   TTR46 unloading rape

TTR46 in the field   TTR46 unloading wheat

TTR46 working in the field   TTR46 unloading wheat

TTR46 in the field  TTR46 unloading wheat

TTR46 with active front and rear steering   TTR46 with 4.50m sideways reach

TTR46 4.50m sideways reach