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Perard Trans-eXpress Grain Transfer



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500R in transit     500T

500R setting up     500R being loaded

500R unloading mazie     Trans-eXpress unloading maize at 4.90m height


The Trans-eXpres is a simple manoeuvrable auger system that facilitates the loading of grain/ maize etc. from a tractor and trailer into other waiting vehicles ie lorries. This product is aimed towards customers who use conventional tractors and trailers for carting grain, but need to quickly transfer the contents to waiting vehicles. Simply tip the contents into the hopper and its quickly and cleanly transferred into the waiting vehicle.

There are 3 versions of the Trans-eXpress, the 500R, 500T and 500B. All models use a horizontal ‘feeder’ auger at the bottom of the hopper, which in turn feeds the vertical unloading auger. The 500mmØ unloading auger folds hydraulically for transport and can reach a height of 4.90m . All models also feature extending stabilizers for work and 80hp is the minimum power requirement to run the Trans-eXpress.

The 500R is the road going variant which is hitched to a car / 4x4 and can be quickly towed from location to location. The 500R features the same running gear as found on most conventional car trailers and so uses twin axles and suspension and can be towed safely up to 60mph.

The 500T is the tractor towing version and as such can be towed safely up to 25kmh .

The 500B is the telehandler version and has no running gear or wheels. It is designed to be moved by telehandler and can therefore be loaded onto other trailers etc for separate transportation.