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The Plat-O-Sol from Perard is a heavy duty flat bed trailer that does that little bit more than all of its rivals - it lowers itself flat to the floor!


When in transport mode, it's a strong and robust trailer that can carry up to 10tonnes, and can have a bed length of up to 8.80m . The wheels are located off centre towards the rear of the trailer to help follow the tractor down roads effectively.


When it comes to unloading, the wheels are hydraulically pushed to the rear of the trailer and then pivot upwards allowing the trailer bed to fully lower to the ground. Whilst the wheels are being pushed, the drawbar attached to the tractor, is, at the same time, allowing the front of the trailer to lower to the ground in synchronization with the rear - meaning the bed lowers perfectly parallel and stable. From here you can either load goods on the deck from the side as required. If loading a telehandler for example, simply unhitch the drawbar from the tractor, then use the hydraulics to fully lower the drawbar enabling you to drive onto the deck straddling the drawbar.


Available is the option of having balanced axles for use on uneaven terrain as well as the option of choosing to have dual wheels per axle.



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In transport mode     Unloading     Unloading

Option of balaced axles     Option of dual wheels     Single wheels

Transport mode     Lowered drawbar for loading     raised drawbar