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Perard Interbenne Chaser Bin


The Interbenne range is the most versatile chaser bin system available today. Not just a chaser bin, the Interbenne is able to transport and unload grain, fertilizer and seed, making it the more versatile and cost effective option.

Available in 3 sizes – TTR18 single axle 18m3, TTR27 twin axle 27m3 and TTR38 triple axle 38m3.


For information on the all new TTR46 Interbenne, please click the link below:

Click here to view the new TTR46!

All sizes feature the unique unloading auger system which allows unloading in any position. Conventional chaser bin augers can only unload when fully extended  in the work position. The Interbenne system allows unloading in any position at any time – so fully extended to the side and to a height of 4.50m as well as to the rear and at a low height of 2.00m or anywhere else inbetween. This innovation allows for unloading into lorries at the side of the field as well as inside low roofed grain stores, and also at the correct height for filling drills with seed and spreaders with fertilizer.

The unloading system uses 2 augers – a horizontal ‘feeder’ auger at the bottom of the trailer, and the unloading auger arm. Both augers are linked together using an automatic clutch system meaning they are enabled independently. When unloading you firstly activate the unloading auger arm and get it up to speed. On the inside of the unloading auger arm is a hatch that opens hydraulically which then allows the contents to pass into it. When this hatch is fully opened it in turn activates the ‘feeder’ auger which passes the produce into the already fully operating unloading auger arm. This system is more important when it comes to stopping unloading. As soon as the internal hatch has started to close, it immediately disengages the ‘feeder’ auger. Meanwhile the unloading auger is still fully operational – i.e. the arm is emptying itself meaning that you never have any produce left in the arm which would otherwise be spilt and lost when folded away. Likewise when loading seed or fertilizer if produce was left in the arm and in the out position, the arm would have all of the weight of the produce in it.

All sizes of Interbenne are 2.90m wide for transport and the following options are available:

Electronic weighing system, onboard printer, video camera for unloading auger with LCD csreen for inside the tractor, secondary camera for reversing, 2.50m auger extension, air brakes, air and hydraulic brakes, 40kmh running gear, steering rear axles, various sized tyres up to 800/40 R26.5, tracks.




Double click on the videos to get full screen!

TTR38 filling up     TTR38 unloading


TTR18 loading fertilizer     TTR38 loading seed into drill


Interbenne loading lorry at roadside     TTR unloading at the rear into hopper