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The new 4 wheel steering 4RDP header trolley from Perard is the next generation of trailer designed and built to meet todays demand for a trolley that is capable of transporting up to 12m headers safely and securely on the roads.

With todays combines having ever increasing header widths to maximise their output in the field, the task of transporting the header safely and easily has become significantly more difficult.

Perard is one of Europe’s largest and most established header trolley manufacturers, and as a result has met this challenge and developed the 4RDP.

The 4RDP uses a clever linkage system that joins the front and rear wheels allowing them to steer in unison. Using this system, the header trolley follows the road without cutting corners whilst maintaining maximum stability by having the wheels mounted wide on all four corners  - unlike traditional large trolleys fitted with turntable style front axles.

No steering axles - steering wheels!


4 wheel steering header trolley     4 wheel steering header trolley

4 wheel steering header trolley

4 wheel steering header trolley